Lake Ontario Offshore RacingGeneral2013 LO300 Challenge proves to be a Big Challenge

2013 LO300 Challenge proves to be a Big Challenge

2013 LO300 Challenge has become Biggest Challenge Ever

This year’s LO300 has tested the patience and perseverance of even the most die hard of racer. As of Monday morning no boat has yet to finish  on either course and the closest boats are approximately 51 nautical miles away from the finish line.  Normally by this time in previous years many of the boats on the Scotch Bonnet course would have finished and the lead boats on the Main Duck course are normally finished as well. Instead we have had 1/3 of the fleet withdraw and no finishers as of yet. The organizing authority is contemplating extending the staffing of the finish line pass the normal midnight on Tuesday.

Little Bird & Soggy Dollars who are competing on the Scotch Bonnet Course and have been head to head through out the race but with many miles still to go it is still anyone’s race.

On the Main Duck course the contenders for line honours are constantly changing among  Guacho, Hot Water, Shock Therapy, and Proclivity.

Light winds are still expected till Tuesday afternoon when hopefully the winds will pick up.

We hope racers are doing their best wind dances and Mother Nature responds accordingly. Shoreline has the chilli warm and ready for returning racers and looks forward to hearing the tales of the chasing of the wind.