Lake Ontario Offshore RacingLake Ontario 300 Challenge presented by

Lake Ontario 300 Challenge presented by

2018 will be the 29th running of the LO300 Challenge


Talk to anyone who has participated in the past and they will tell you how much of a challenge it can be. Participants experience everything from the enjoyment of spending a couple of days racing with friends to the satisfaction of circumnavigating the Lake. We also have a single-handed division for those looking for the ultimate challenge.

Lake Ontario Offshore Racing Committee


2017 Lake Ontario 300 Challenge is complete and in the books

July 18th, 22:00 hrs the final boat crossed the finish line to end another amazing Lake Ontario 300 Challenge.  All boats arrived safely to port and now we can all start the recap, the analysis and the “what to do next year”!

Tactics and wind shifts once again are prevalent topics of conversation, along with the 6 million plus flies that seemed to find every boat in the fleets. (edit:  5, 999,764 after a targeted swatting spree  on at least one boat). For all our participants, there is a lot of chatter to catch up on via our many social media outlets and please feel free to keep sending in your pictures and your thoughts.

Congratulations to Razorbill from Whitby Yacht Club for winning the Sperry Cup and Spitfire for winning the IRC LO300 Championship.

Congratulations to all our division winners and flag winners for putting up a solid performance.

All the results are available on yacht scoring for your review.

Trophy Winners for the 2017 LO300 are listed here.


YB tracking system can tell many stories about this race and everyone is invited to click on this link and review the race by using the toggle bar on the bottom of the screen and dragging backwards and forwards. You can select a certain division or group of boats to view as well as certain overlays.

If you want to refine details shown click on the advance button and it will bring a few options like automatic replay, details etc.