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Latest news from the Susan Hood Trophy Race


A slow finish to a long race

What a start to the 2014 Offshore racing season on Lake Ontario with what might be the slowest Susan Hood Trophy Race since its inception in 1955.  The race started Friday May 30th under light and variable winds and the first boat to finish came in Saturday afternoon under even lighter and more variable winds.

Congratulations to all the yachts that hung in and finished this year’s marathon.  Although it was not as cold as expected overnight, the early morning breeze was very cold under that sunny sky.

This year’s Susan Hood Trophy winner is Out of Bounds, an O’Day 322 owned by Terry Wagg from Macassa Bay Yacht Club in Hamilton.  Out of Bounds was the only yacht in PHRF-FS to record a corrected time less than one day.  BCT was 0:23:51:01.

Congratulations Terry and your crew: Adam Mitchell, Pam Renton, Kevin Soldaat, Cheryl Soldaat, and Mike Thomlinson.

Line Honours goes to Relentless, the Farr 40 from PCYC owned by Roger Ryall with a finishing time of 0:19:30:003.A big difference from last year, when our Line Honours time was 0:11:09:43 and our slowest time was 0:17:22:37.  This year’s slowest time was 1:01:13:43.

A special thanks to our weather man, Ron Bianchi, who clearly spelled out the doom that was ahead of us and explained why we were getting the light winds we received.

Division winners are posted on the Yacht Scoring.

Because of the slow race we couldn’t have our flag ceremony on Saturday afternoon as planned.  We will now add it to the LO300 flag presentation on Tuesday July 15.  Plan to come and party!  Details to follow.