Lake Ontario Offshore RacingGeneralLO300 Line Honours Winners are in!!

LO300 Line Honours Winners are in!!

With great anticipation,  as the sun was about to rise, the LO300 shoreline crew finally broke out the champagne to welcome the Gord Honor Line Honour winners.

On the Scotch Bonnet course (short course) Little Bird arrived at 0436. They took 2 days 17 hours 36 mins and 36 sec to complete the 180nm race. The skipper Malcolm Little complemented his crew and siad the last 25nm were very exciting. “There were four boats battling for first. All of us thought we could win.”

Less than 2 hours later, Husaria the Farr 47 from Poland, became the Main Duck Course Line Honours winner. They finished the 300nm course in 2 days 18 hrs 16 min and 5 sec! Champagne was sprayed over the crew and they moved to our air conditioned host boat where our sponsor Che DeCastro from Yacht Shop gave everyone a very appreciated beer.

The winds seem to have increased a bit so we expect to see many more boats finish today. The LO300 race committee has decided to extend the finish line to at least Wednesday at noon. Unfortunately the flag award ceremony scheduled for Tuesday night has had to be cancelled because most boats will not be finished by then.

The challenge continues for the rest of the fleet and we hope the winds will pick up and make their arrival home a quick one.