Lake Ontario Offshore RacingGeneral2016 LOSHRS Dalhousie Yacht Club information:

2016 LOSHRS Dalhousie Yacht Club information:

As many already know the public piers at Dalhousie have been ‘condemned’ for marine vessels to tie up to them and for pedestrian traffic this summer. The Government has since fenced off pedestrian traffic for a length of the piers, as well as removing the bollards and cleats over the whole stretch that comes up to the DYC club house.

Every boater will be faced with a choice; Raft, or Pay for docking in the Port Pier Marina (DYC will make any slip available, but can’t guarantee anything up front until the event).

PAY $1/foot FOR DOCKING: at Port Pier Marina: 905-646-5515
It has always been an option for any competing boat to pay for a slip at the Port Pier Marina. Thanks to our very own Wendy Northcotte & DYC, a special rate of $1 a foot will apply to any competing boat that pre-arranges docking with them. That rate will get you a slip at the marina that includes: Hydro, Water, Free Pump-out, and a complimentary Continental Breakfast (coffee/tea/bagles/donuts) on Sunday morning (7:30~8:30 am). They started this arrangement with us last year and it worked smoothly. The Marina is a very short walk to DYC for the LOSHRS Dinner. If you plan on going to the marina, please do call well ahead. Last minute arrivals will be charged full rate, so book by September 15th.

IF YOU’RE PRE-BOOKING A SLIP: At this time we are looking to see if you are planning to come to the event, so if you are going to pre-book a slip at the marina, please email your response to, and remember to include “your name”, your “yacht’s name & length”, and a mobile phone number, by September 13th. Please let me know if you plan to eat at DYC (Dinner/Breakfast).

RAFTING: at Dalhousie Yacht Club: 905-934-8325
As based on participation for this event we hope to have all accommodation sorted ahead of time.
“Rafting” is the key word to understand when coming to DYC. There is no room for individual tie ups. Rafts can accommodate many boats, if done correctly. We are currently working on a plan to accommodate as many boats as possible. This may include pre-assigned rafts, but at a minimum you can expect that rafts will be designed for boat size. All LOSHRS members will need to respect that they are required to go to the raft that they will be assigned to. With rafting I suggest that you bring a couple extra fenders, and long mooring lines (especially the quicker fleet boats) as you likely will find yourself on the wall with a raft off of you.

The difficulty with DYC Harbour is that they are unprotected from a north wind. A strong north wind, combined with the current can make for an uncomfortable night, and rafting difficult. If these conditions are present then we have been advised not to create deep rafts, and we will need to deal with that at the skippers meeting on FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 16th. If the weather looks as if it may shift to a north wind, then we may also decide that we cannot accommodate all boats up the river, and additional competing boats will need to be sent to the marina. Keep your fingers crossed – and COME TO THE SKIPPERS MEETING FRIDAY NIGHT.

There is an area for rafting on the town side. There is also an area further up the river that can also be used for rafting. DYC Members are also being approached so that the harbour will be as accommodating as possible. Keep in mind that town side docking is a long walk back to the LOSHRS Dinner.

A map with rafting locations will be released once we have an understanding of participation.

September 13, to pre order DYC Dinners/Breakfasts & to let me know that you plan to raft at DYC to help with Raft Assignments.
September 14, to book a visitor’s slip at PCYC and Port Pier Marina.

DYC DINNER BUFFET: $25.60 (includes Tax and Gratuity)
Tossed Green Salad
Potato Salad
Mac Salad
Sausage & Shrimp Jambalaya
BBQ Chicken
Baby Back Ribs

Breakfast Buffet: $12.80 (includes Tax and Gratuity)
Scrambled Eggs
Home fries
Coffee, Tea, Apple & Orange Juice