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Lake Ontario Short Handed Racing Series


Welcome to the Lake Ontario Shorthanded Racing Series, the largest and fastest growing racing series on Lake Ontario.  Why is this so popular?  What is happening that attracts over 130+ boats of all sizes and ratings to join in?

In short, LOSHRS has a great formula which appeals to a lot of sailors. 
Simple + Fun + Flexible + Challenging + Adventure + Social = An Amazing Experience.
Its simple and flexible. 
There are 4 events with 6 races.  Try out just one race, or sign up for the entire series and go full on.  No need to organize a big crew.
Its fun. 
Shorthanded racing is all of the enjoyment and none of the tension of big fleet racing. 
Its challenging. 
Racing large boats with big sails in shifty winds and changing currents over 20 – 100 nautical miles is a never-ending source of new experiences and lessons learned.
Its an adventure.
Each race gives you a reason to visit a different destination which takes you off the beaten path to distant and unique locations on Lake Ontario, that you might not otherwise find yourself in.
Its social. 
LOSHRS sailors have a unique camaraderie on and off the water, enjoying great post-race boat parties and dinner events, not to mention a phenomenal annual banquet with a sadistic amount of prizes given out.
You may try out LOSHRS for any one of these reasons, but it’s the overall experience that will keep you coming back for more.
Race by yourself singlehanded, or doublehanded with a buddy, a relative, a ‘special friend’ or your spouse.  Learn more about your boat in just a couple distance races than you’d likely learn in an entire season.  When you’re racing shorthanded, you get to experience each crew position.  With a long distance race, you have more time to experiment with your sails and fiddle with equipment.  And, with LOSHRS, you have a huge fleet full of people who just love to talk with you about all these experiences for hours on end.
We look forward to seeing you in 2014, the 40th LOSHRS season, in what is shaping up to be our best year yet!
  • LOSHRS registrations are up compared to 2013
  • More prizes than last year
  • Guest experts will be joining us at key events and sharing their wisdom and experiences
  • More opportunities for shorthanded racing than ever before, including the LO600, Susan Hood and LYRA

LOSHRS Winners

2015 Course Race on JMay 31st
2015 Youngstown Weekend Race on June 13th & 14th
2015 100 Mile Race on August 15th
2015 Dalhousie Weekend Race on September 19th and 20th


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