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It has been a bit of a scramble, but thanks to our sponsorship by UCC Industries International Inc. our LOSHRS race 2-3 going to Dalhousie is about to be a lot more fun! So be sure to thank Brent Hughes, President of UCCI and skipper of ‘Pearl’… as this would not be possible without his sponsorship of this event. Also a special thanks to Dave Courtney, Joe Doris, and especially Jason Smyth… and all the other hard working volunteers that make these events happen.


While we must compromise during this ‘high water event’ to again not have a skippers meeting, sailors from afar will be accommodated and have a free drink on LOSHRS (Thanks to Brent Hughes, President of UCCI and skipper of ‘Pearl’)

All LOSHRS Racers will be greeted with a free beer on Friday night (after 6:30 pm) on the docks by either Joe Doris on “Setanta”, at PCYC dock G-6. Or by David Courtney on “Better Still”, at LSYS dock A-4. So when you arrive, don’t be bashful – pop down and give each other a hug, have a cold one, and drink our fluid problems away.


There has been some issues from racers getting information from the Marina in Port Dalhousie. Please do not worry, they are on it. Racers only need to call the marina, and leave a message that tells them that they are in the LOSHRS race, their phone number, boat name with length/beam information. Once you leave a message, you are finished and ready to go. Jason Smyth (Boomerang) will be on the water and on site to assist the docking process and help with dock assignments. Docking at the marina is a $1.00 per foot charge – but includes pump out.

            MARINA: (905) 646-5515, VHF 68


  1. 17:00 PARTY LIKE A LAND SHARK: The Pre-Dinner Party will be at the DYC Club house, where you will receive your fill of LAND SHARK beer! We will be having Rum Draws and be handing out our 2017 LOSHRS T-Shirts! There will also be platters of snacks for all to enjoy! There will also be video of the 2017 Americas Cup to watch. No dinner reservation required as this pre-dinner event is open for all LOSHRS racers!
  2. 19:00 DINNER AT DYC: If you have not called in your reservation to DYC to reserve for dinner try emailing instead! I sent a simple email with my name, our boat name and that we needed two dinner reservations – and I received a response in moments! (905) 934-8325 or

3.      20:00+ FREE DRINKS IN THE ALLEY: When you pick up your LOSHRS T-Shirt you will also receive your FREE DARK-N-STORMY coupon! This is redeemable for a free Dark-N-Stormy at ‘The Alley Bar” (Hogan’s Alley, in Dalhousie) Once the organizing committee show up to party – we might even have extra tickets! So stick around. There will be an awesome band, and lots of camaraderie.


  1. 08:00 THE GATHERING; and MORE FREE DRINKS: Complimentary Bottled Water, Advil and your LOSHRS T-Shirt served up in a Barf Bag for the race home (so long as you didn’t already pick up your shirt the night before… don’t cheat – we know who you are). This will be at the Marina’s Gazebo. The might even be a race announcement then – if required… but hopefully it will be a quiet one.

Cheers! And God bless all those brave, strong, or just plain crazy enough to be a LOSHRS RACER!

PS – this is all 110% good news – please share with all the LOSHRS Racers that you know, and share some good news for a change.

-          Brayden Woods skipper of “Paladin”, LOSHRS Organising Committee.


Attention LOSHR Racers

We have everything organized at DYC thanks to Jason Smyth, s/v Boomerang – C&C 35 from DYC. Docking will be at the marina for $1.00 per foot including pump out. Please contact the marina at 905-646-5515 to reserve a slip.

There will be no skippers meeting on Friday evening, but there will be a gathering Sunday morning at Dalhousie.

As with the first LOSHRS race, if you are close to PCYC please show up at the start line Saturday morning. For those further away Lake Shore Yacht Club, (LSYC), will be welcoming boats. They are about 2 miles east of PCYC. David Courtney will be at LSYC available at by 4pm 416-453-7996 assisting OD, anyone wanting docking info can call him and get directions.

LOSHRS Organizing Committee

Below is a menu for dinner on Saturday evening. Please read and follow instructions at bottom.

The Sunset Dining Room

L.O.S.H.R.S. June 17th 2017

Dinner Buffet

Tossed Green Salad

Caesar Salad

Roasted Potatoes

Seasonal Vegetables

Sausage Jambalaya Penne

Cajun White Fish

Herbed Roasted Chicken

Slow Roasted Yankee Pot Roast

Assorted Pies

$21 per person

Please reserve by email


LOSHRS Race 1 recap:

The 2017 Lake Ontario Short Handed Racing Series got off to a spectacular beginning on Sunday, June 4, with what most participants would agree was an excellent day for racing on a perfect course.

The winds came up just before the start to blow off the fog and rain and held steady at 12 to16 knots from the east to south east, the direction of the new first rounding at the outer buoy, T1, off the eastern gap. This was a challenging up wind leg with boats on all sides of the course looking for a magical knock or lift.  The Leslie Spit and Toronto Islands can definitely affect shears given a South-East wind and a course from the west.

The downwind leg was approximately 4.8nm to a new finish line at the M9 mark off Etobicoke Yacht Club. It was a fast run with building seas that created a few challenges in helming and dousing spinnakers. Fortunately there was lots of room at the finish to tidy everything up.

The LOSHRS long distance course race was designed as an early season tune up race at a mid distance that would stand alone and give the many yachts competing in the Susan Hood Trophy Race a reason to stay at PCYC and race home. After a variety of course changes over the years, the prevailing thought is this new course is a perfect way to start the year.  If you have any comments about the course for Sunday’s LOSHRS opening race please let us know.

Star Chaser, the Benneteau 45 skippered by Ken Martin from PCYC, was first to finish the race with a time of 2:27:22 and Mister Ed, the IMX38 skippered by Ian McAllister from PCYC was the first non flying sails boat to finish with a time of 2:53:26.  The First Solo boat to finish was LES, a C&C35 MkIII skippered by John Hagen from EYC with a time of 3:14:28.

There were 48 yachts at the start line and 46 finished the race.  A special thanks to the Finish line committee for bobbing in the waves at the finish line.

All the results can be found on Yachtscoring at LOSHRS Course Race

Watch for updates for the next LOSHRS race on June 17/18.


ANNOUNCEMENT:  “We are extremely excited to welcome UCC Industries International and UCC Steelwork Connections as the Gold Sponsor for LOSHRS – the Lake Ontario Short Handed Racing Series” announced Joe Doris, Chair of Lake Ontario Offshore Racing.

See: UCCI Becomes Gold Sponsor of LOSHRS

Welcome to the Lake Ontario Short-handed Racing Series (LOSHRS), the largest and fastest growing racing series on the Lake.

See why our winning formula appeals to such a broad range of sailors, racing in boats of all sizes and ratings, attracting as many as 130+ entries each year:

It’s flexible.

Try just one race, for fun, or sign up for the whole series of six races to make a run at the trophies in races spread out from spring into fall.

Sunday June 4, 2017                  Course Race

June 17 and 18th, 2017              Port Dalhousie Weekend (replaces Youngstown weekend sue to lake levels) (Two races)

Aug. 19-20, 2017                       100 Mile Race

Sept. 16 and 17th, 2017            Dalhousie Weekend (Two races)

(You can book a slip at PCYC for before the Port Dalhousie race)

It’s fun.

Whether you opt to race solo or sail double-handed, you may get to learn more about yourself and your boat over a couple of distance races than through an entire season of going around the buoys.

It’s challenging.

Test your skills in Lake Ontario’s ever-changing conditions over a series of courses that range from 20 to 100 nautical miles. Each event will bring new experiences and lessons learned.

It’s adventurous.

From lake crossings to night sailing, each race in the series offers a chance to navigate into a different corner of Lake Ontario, off the beaten path.

It’s social.

Enjoy the unique camaraderie of fellow LOSHRS sailors, on and off the water, for great post-race parties at the dock, dinner events, and a prize-filled annual banquet. Mingle with experienced sailors to share tales of thrilling race experiences.

We look forward to seeing you in 2016!

  • Expect more prizes
  • Learn from guest experts
  • Prepare yourself for other solo or double-handed events, such as the Lake Ontario 300.

LOSHRS Winners

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