• DriveHG.ca Signs On As Title Sponsor for The 2016 Lake Ontario 300 and Susan Hood Tropy Race. ... 3 days ago
    • LOSHRS 2015 Results ... 6 months ago
    • LOSHRS 2015 Banquet ... 6 months ago
    • LOSHRS 2015 DYC Weekend: ... 7 months ago
    • Drone Footage from the Lake Ontario 300 Challenge – Sneak Preview ... 9 months ago
    • 2015 Lake Ontario 300 Challenge Results ... 9 months ago
    • Past Lake Ontario 300 Challenge YellowBrick Tracking ... 1 year ago


Major events like the Lake Ontario 300 Challenge wouldn’t exist without the contribution and collaboration of multiple partners, sponsors and a large group of support volunteers.

As a not-for-profit organization, the Lake Ontario 300 Challenge also gives back to the community and does so by respecting its initial deed from the early nineties by supporting Junior Sailing programs for race participants yacht clubs.

The Lake Ontario 300 Challenge is also concerned about the environment, hence our third year relationship with Sailors for the Sea and its Clean Regatta program.

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