• LOOR Banquets for 2016: The Susan Hood and Lake Ontario 300 presented by driveHG; LOSHRS ... 1 month ago
    • 2016 LOSHRS Dalhousie Yacht Club information: ... 2 months ago
    • Report on the Grounding of SV Sorpresa during the 2016 LO300 Challenge ... 2 months ago
    • The Lake Ontario 300/600 Challenge Presented by driveHG.ca is Finally Here! ... 4 months ago
    • From Solo Challengers to Twice Around the Cans! ... 4 months ago
    • Cerulean’s Tale – 2016 Susan Hood Trophy Race ... 5 months ago
    • Susan Hood 2016 Photo Contest Winners ... 5 months ago


Lake Ontario Offshore Racing image galleries are hosted on Flickr

We encourage you to share your own images of the LOOR events via the Flickr LOOR Group. Iamges posted to your own personal Flickr account can be shared on the LOOR Group simply by joining the Group in Flickr

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