We understand that some of the details within the forms, notices and instructions that are standard requirements for Offshore Racing on Lake Ontario, may be confusing and require clarification. Should you have an inquiry about the Notice of Race, the LOOR Offshore Special Regulations, or any other document, please send an email to our Safety Committee: safety@loor.ca.

  • Q: How do I know if my yacht will qualify?
  • A:

    The Lake Ontario 300 Challenge is for sailing vessels with L.O.A. not less than 24 feet and manned by a skipper and crew who have demonstrated recent competency in yacht racing or passage making. The yacht must have a PHRF, IRC or GLMRA Rating Certificate to determine the exact rating to be afforded to your vessel (more details aboutyacht rating).

  • Q: Do I need to be a member of a yacht club?
  • A:

    Yes, for insurance purposes, you must be a member of a yacht club recognized by the Canadian Yachting Association or US Sailing.

  • Q: I have not raced long distance in the past but have many miles of cruising/passage making. Will this suffice?
  • A:

    You are most welcome. Many cruisers have more experience over long distances than racers.

Racing Divisions:
  • Q: What division does my yacht belong in?
  • A:

    The Lake Ontario 300 offers many different racing permutations. The race is divided in two courses: Main Duck Island course and Scotch Bonnet Island course, and two fleets: Fully Crewed Yachts and Double Handed Yachts. The fleets are further divided into Spinnaker (FS) and White Sail (NFS) classes. Each class will be divided into divisions based on performance ratings (PHRF-LO, IRC and GLMRA), depend ing on the number of yachts entered in the class. Simply choose the class in which you would like to compete.

Boat Inspection:
  • Q: How do I get my yacht ready for the Pre-Race Inspection?
  • A:

    Obtain a copy of the Lake Ontario 300 Mandatory Equipment Requirements list. Once you are satisfied that all the mandatory equipment is aboard and functional, contact the Safety Officer, or one of the flag officers of your home club. Ask that person to run through the list with you and sign off that everything was in place. Bring the signed list to the Skippers’ Meeting and give it to the Registrar.

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