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    • 2016 LO300/600 Trophy Awards ... 2 months ago
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How to Register

Registration for the Lake Ontario Offshore Racing events is now done online, through Yacht Scoring, our registration and scoring partner for the past few years. All officials documents and information will be posted on Yacht Scoring for each event.

Register here:

Lake Ontario 300 Challenge presented by driveHG.ca

Susan Hood Trophy Race presented by driveHG.ca

Lake Ontario Short Handed Racing Series

If you are a newcomer to the Lake Ontario Offshore Racing events, we encourage you to first read the Step-by-Step Guide for New Racers

If You Already Have A Yacht Scoring Online Profile

Fo those who already have a Yacht Scoring online profile, you can simply use it to register for the 2016 Lake Ontario Offshore Racing events by providing your credentials on the On-line Entry Form/Application page. The new event will be added to your current list of events under your Yacht Scoring profile.

Once you have logged in to Yacht Scoring, please ensure your basic information is still accurate and make any necessary update; i.e. new phone numbers, email address, rating information, etc. You can always update your application through the Owner’s Corner page during any subsequent visits.

If You Don’t Yet Have a YachtScoring.com Online Login

If this is your first time using yacht Scoring, simply provide your e-mail address on the On-line Entry Form/Application page and Yacht Scoring will provide you with a blank Event Registration page for you to fill out.

Paying The Entry Fee

Payment is made online through Yacht Scoring, and you can use any major creadit card. The payment is processed by PayPal but you do not require a PayPal account in order to complete the transaction; select the “Don’t have a PayPal account?” option on the PayPal screen.

You can always update your application and make your payment through the Owner’s Corner page for subsequent visits. The Owners Corner page will be updated to reflect your payment status.

The Lake Ontario Offshore Racing organizing committee has selected PayPal as the online merchant of choice because it has proven to be a trustworthy and reliable solution and can handle most types of credit cards without excessive fees.

Additional Information

There are a few pieces of information that you need to provide in order to be eligible to compete in the LOOR events. These are outlined in more detail in the section Information Needed at Registration



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