Lake Ontario Offshore RacingLO300From Solo Challengers to Twice Around the Cans!

From Solo Challengers to Twice Around the Cans!

Lake Ontario 300 Solo Challenge 2016

The 27th Annual Lake Ontario 300nm Race, the Longest Annual Freshwater Yacht Race in the World, will begin on Saturday, July 16.  This also marks the 2nd Bi-Annual Lake Ontario 600nm Challenge.  Despite what people in Chicago may say, this is now the 2nd longest of any races on all five Great Lakes, running second only to the Tri-Annual GLSS Super-Mac and Back Race.

2016 marks the 8th running of the 2016 Lake Ontario 300 Solo Challenge, with 16 solo sailors signed up for the event.  This is the second most we have had attempt the Challenge, since 18 starters began the infamous 2010 race.  Good luck to all sailors – sail safe!!!

By now I am sure that everyone is well on their way to getting their boats 100% ready for the start at Port Credit Yacht Club.  Some of you are from PCYC or neighbouring yacht clubs, some of us are 20-30 nm away, but for three of us this year, there is quite the journey just to make it to the starting line!

We look forward to welcoming Lease Schock aboard Avatar, from Sandusky YC Ohio, on Lake Erie.  This will be Lease’s first LO300SC.  We also look forward to welcoming Joey Baker in his rocket-ship Farr 30 Peace, hailing from Macomb MI on Lake St. Clair.  Joey is also sailing in his first LO300SC, and will be arriving next week via trailer.  A huge Thank You goes out to the PCYC Harbourmaster for launching Peace before the race.   And finally, from furthest afoot, we welcome Adrian Vandenhoven back, aboard Ophir II, returning to Lake Ontario for the first time since 2010.  Adrian is sailing all the way from Collingwood YC.  Though it is located at the north end of Hurontario Blvd, it is one heck of a long sail to get here.  Please be sure to seek out and welcome our friends coming from so far away.

In addition to all of this, two of the 16 solo sailors will be attempting their first ever Lake Ontario 300 SC.  We welcome well known Toronto sailor Gary Benner on Shock Therapy, and Bruce Moffitt, of EYC, aboard his Hunter 40 Patience. Bruce will be sailing his 100 nm / 24 hr qualifier and, if approved by the GLSS, he will be joining us on the start line.

Not bad for a fleet of 16 Solo sailors….2 countries, 3 US States, and 4 Lakes……..well done everyone.

Be sure to have your LO300 Documents in order when checking in at the Registration Table on Friday July 15th.  They are of course found on the Yachtscoring site, and have been mentioned before.

In addition, please have the following GLSS Documents ready for handing in as well;

  • Signed GLSS Standard Equipment List (where there is conflict with the LO300 List, the LO300 List shall prevail)
  • Signed Exposure Suit Form (if you have one, Mustang Survival Suit will also conform)
  • Signed GLSS Waiver
  • Receipt of $50.00 GLSS Fee

There will be a short Solo Skippers Meeting / Meet and Greet following the regular skippers meeting, at the PCYC Flagpole.  Here we all get to know each other if we haven’t met, receive our reflective glow strips for our mainsails, our Black Memorial “Thunder” pennants for our backstays, in commemoration of our fallen friend from Wisconsin, and our “voluntary” check in/radio sheets.  This will be mentioned at the skippers meeting on Friday night.

I look forward to seeing everyone soon!

Brent Hughes

Pearl, CAN 13775


Lake Ontario 600 Challenge 2016

2016 marks the 2nd Bi-Annual Lake Ontario 600 Challenge.  First run in 2014 as a test event in celebration of the 25th Running of the LO300, the LOOR Group received rave reviews from everyone involved.  2014 saw 14 starters and eight finishers of this marathon, which pits ALL boats, from ALL divisions together in one final division for the second lap of the lake.  This means that any IRC times will be converted to PHRF, and the fully crewed will sail head to head to head with the double-handed and the solo boats.  It is bound to be an exceptional challenge for all.

As of July 11th we have 14 yachts again signed up for the start, including 6 of the finishers of the Inaugural 2014 Challenge.  Fantastic.  There are currently 2 fully crewed, 2 double-handed, and 10 solo yachts signed up.  The goal is simply to finish remember, so set that as the goal, and let the rest take care of itself.

This years’ fleet will see a repeat of the head to head battle between Lively and Happy Puppy in the fully crewed division, while husband and wife team Mike and Carolyn will be sailing double handed on board Transmission.  They will be joined by the new-comers on Tim-Foolery.  The 10 other sailors with no friends and nothing else to do for the week, will round out the fleet of 14. I am happy to say that of the 10 solo sailors, all three that are coming from Erie, St. Clair and Huron will be sailing in the LO600 as well.

Please remember to book your MANDATORY Pre Race Inspection for Thursday night or Friday, by emailing if you have not already done so.

Good luck to all in the LO600 Challenge!!!

Brent Hughes

Pearl, CAN13775