Lake Ontario Offshore RacingLO300Past Lake Ontario 300 Challenge YellowBrick Tracking

Past Lake Ontario 300 Challenge YellowBrick Tracking

Perhaps you’ve been thinking of doing the LO300 Challenge but don’t know if your boat is suitable.  Well, chances are it is and that someone has done the race on a boat similar to yours, even a sistership.  Now you can have a look at previous races and see how other boats have done in the Challenge.  Of course, those who participated in the races can also review their own course to see what you did right, or (ahem) wrong.  Tracking from the last four LO300 challenges are available to view through the YellowBrick archives.  Please choose from one of the years below:

2015 LO300

2014 LO300

2013 LO300

2012 LO300

2011 LO300

Boats can be added or removed using the selection pane on the left side of the tracking page.