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The 2016 Susan Hood – A Classic Test of Skill and Perseverance!

This year’s running of the Susan Hood Trophy Race was once again a classic test of skills for all the participants involved and all those who finished the race. Out of 99 starting yachts, 77 boats hung in to finish. Some yachts took well over 12 hours to get to the first mark at Burlington Weather Tower, which is the shortest leg on the race. The fastest finishing time was 15 hours, 20 minutes by the Line honour winning Spitfire, a Farr45, and the slowest time was 2 days, 1 hour and 20 minutes by Oasis, a Hunter 36 competing in the White Sail only division. Considering the only ounce of light winds that barely showed up the first 12 hours of this race were from the behind and frustrated most yachts with Spinnakers, this is an amazing accomplishment.  (Have a look at the starting video to get a sense of just how calm the evening was).

Overall 18 yachts took over 1 day to finish this race, which is a great testimony to perseverance and also must be a record high for this race. Although the evening with light to no winds made for a relatively warm night compared to previous races, the brisk wind from the east that picked up with the sunrise made for cool conditions usually experienced at night. The DriveHG toques provided to every participant came in handy. The winds held for a good part of Saturday, but once again tailed off making for a long finish for those who did not get to shore with the winds.

This year’s Susan Hood Trophy winner is the yacht Cerulean, a Beneateau JK First 30 from RCYC owned by Elaine Neely. Crew members were: Greg Neely, Alex Kotych, Joao Muncio, Adrian Pasco, Felipe Richards and Stephan Van Egmond.  Their finish time was 0:19:25:33, correcting to 0:21:35:59. Congratulations to a great win under tremendous conditions.

This year’s IRC overall winner is the yacht Spitfire, a Farr45 from NYC owned by Jonathan Bamberger. Spitfire was also the first across the line and had a tremendous win. Crew members were: Kevin Brown, David Bruce, Luis Carraco-Cotes, Fred Harding, Glenn Clarke, Mary Feely, Jim Leckie, Jeffrey Love, Mark McGinnis, Meghan McOustra, Twila Rosiewich, Robert Wigny.  Congratulations,

Congratulations to all the other Division Winners:

Solo Sailing Division:       Worthy Pearl, Martin McKenzie, EYC

FS- FC#1              Lively, ABYC,  Murray Gainer

FS- FC32              Tango, RCYC, Pierre Savard

FS- FC#3              Cerulean, RCYC,  Elaine Neely

FS- FC#4              Jersey Girl, PCYC,  Mark Searle

FS-FC#5               Cirrus, NYC, Jamie Spotswood

FS- DH#1              Transmission, CBYC, Mike Kern

FS-DH#2               Incorrigible, NYC, Rui Cordeiro

NFS- SH#1           Paladin, PCYC, Braydon Woods

NFS- FC#1           Circe III, QCYC, Ronald Mazza

NFS- FC#2           Dragonfly, QCYC, David Robinson

NFS-DH                 Midnight Express, HYC, Michael Bauer

IRC # 1                  Spitfire, NYC, Jonathan Bamberger

IRC # 2                  IMXtreme, PCYC, Joe MacDonald

IRC # 3                  Plika, RCYC, Ian Struthers

Full results can be found on the yachtscoring website.


 Lake Ontario Short-Handed Race Series

LOSHRS #1 – Course Race: June 5, 2016
•    A course race between Port Credit Yacht Club (PCYC) and Toronto Islands.

 LOSHRS #2 – PCYC to YYC*: June 18, 2016
•    A race from PCYC to Youngstown Yacht Club (YYC).

LOSHRS #3 – YYC to PCYC*: June 19, 2016
•    A race from YYC to PCYC.

LOSHRS #4 – Long Distance (100-miler): August 20-21, 2016
•    A hundred NM race starting at PCYC and ending at PCYC.

•    This is a qualifier for Great Lakes Singlehanded Society (GLSS)’s.

LOSHRS #5 – PCYC to DYC: September 17, 2016
•    A race from PCYC to Dalhousie Yacht Club (DYC).

•    Book your slip at PCYC for before the Port Dalhousie race

LOSHRS #6 – DYC to PCYC: September 18, 2016
•    A race from DYC to PCYC.

*Please note that the YYC weekend dates have changed as of November 12, 2015.  As shown above they will be one week later than originally posted November 5th, 2015.


Safety at Sea

Whether you’re short-handed or fully crewed it’s always best to be prepared for emergencies when offshore sailing.  National One Design Sailing Academy is offering a Sail Canada approved Offshore Personal Survival Course this November.  Details and registration can be found here.

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