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Welcome to the Lake Ontario Offshore Racing Website



On November 12, 2016 the Lake Ontario Offshore Racing Committee held its annual banquet for the Susan Hood Trophy Race and the Lake Ontario 300 Challenge. With over 100 people in attendance the banquet turned out to be a festive affair with crews drinking from cups and trophies of all shapes and sizes by the time the evening ended.


Congratulations to all our trophy winners. We look forward to seeing everyone out to defend their trophies next year.

Welcoming remarks were made by Chairman Joe Doris who introduced Andrew Lennox, President of Humberview Motors, Drive HG. During Andrew’s praise of our event and the positive feedback they have received he confirmed the Drive HG sponsorship will carry over to 2017.  Congratulations!  Drive HG will also be sponsor of the 2017 World J24 Championships being held at PCYC next year.


The Drive HG sponsorship has been an excellent partnership with two way benefits and we hope that any of our participants take advantage of the excellent family benefits extended to us on almost every brand of automobile. If you’d like to find out more about the Friends and Family program driveHG is offering our community you can begin by emailing concierge@drivehg.ca and mention ‘LOOR’ or ‘sailing’ and that you’re inquiring about the program.

Next year, we will continue to build on our race events so stay tuned to our website and facebook page and feel free to check out the DriveHG page for more details.

Thank you also to Access Abilities, The Rigging Shoppe, Mount Gay Rum, Hallmark Billiards for an assortment of prizes that were drawn throughout the evening.

2016 review of the LO300/600 via YB Tracking Viewer



 2017 Lake Ontario Offshore Racing Schedule:

Lake Ontario 300 Challenge Race (LO300)  
Starts on Saturday, July 15th and onwards.    
A 300 KM and 300 NM race around Lake Ontario from Port Credit Yacht Club (PCYC) and finishing at PCYC.

Susan Hood Trophy Race    
Friday, June 2nd into Saturday, June 3rd     
A 73 NM overnight race on western Lake Ontario Port Credit Yacht Club (PCYC) and finishing at PCYC.

Lake Ontario Short Handed Racing Series  

Race 1: Sunday, June 4th
A great warmup for the LOSHRS season this day race starts from PCYC and finishes at Toronto Islands via Clarkson.

Race 2: Saturday, June 17th  
Starts at PCYC and finishes at Youngstown in New York.

Race 3: Sunday, June 18th   
Starts at Youngstown and finishes at PCYC.

Race 4: Saturday, August 19th into Sunday, August 20th
A 100-mile overnight race starting at PCYC and ending at PCYC.

Race 5: Saturday, September 16th
Starts at PCYC and finishes at Port Dalhousie Yacht Club.

Race 6: Sunday, September 17th
Starts at Port Dalhousie Yacht Club and finishes at PCYC.


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